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When it comes to gas installations and maintenance, nothing is more important than your safety. It is vital that all installs, maintenance, and repairs are done by professional gas fitters only, for the health and safety of everyone involved.

The team at Andy Magee Plumbing is fully qualified to look after all your gas fitting needs. We can install, repair, and replace as needed, where needed.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks in your home are potentially very dangerous. If you hear a hiss that sounds like gas escaping, or catch a smell similar to rotten eggs, it is possible you have a gas leak.

Call us immediately to come and investigate.

Gas Heating

Gas heating has several advantages over other forms of heating.

It’s more cost-effective than electric heating, and its heat is instant. It’s cleaner burning than wood or coal and produces lower carbon emissions. Its supply is more reliable than electricity, since its delivery via underground pipe systems means its supply is secure no matter what the weather is doing above ground.

And with the newer ducted systems, gas heating systems are far more flexible than traditional central heating systems, allowing users to heat only some rooms rather than needing to heat their entire home all at once.

Our team is fully equipped and qualified to install and maintain all gas lines and gas connections, so you can enjoy this wonderful resource in your home safely.


As with gas heating, cooking with gas has several advantages. Gas cooktops heat more evenly, and temperature changes are instant. And unlike on electric cooktops, your older, not-quite-level-bottomed pots and pans will still work just fine on a gas cooker.

Gas cooktops are also more economical to run, compared to electric hobs.

Our team can connect your gas hobs and ovens for safe, reliable performance.

Gas Hot Water

In most homes, water heating is responsible for the bulk of the energy used. This is due to hot water being such a pivotal aspect of modern-day life, used in many activities throughout the day.

Natural gas water heaters heat your water faster and more efficiently, potentially reducing your power bill by up to 43%. It also reduces your risk of running out of hot water and needing to wait hours for more.

Our team can install and repair all gas hot water systems, including hot water cylinders and Infinity systems.

Natural Gas or LPG

There are two main types of gas available to New Zealand households: natural gas and LPG.

Natural gas is plumbed directly from the street, while LPG is supplied by the bottle.

The team at Andy Magee Plumbing can offer expert advice on both natural gas and LPG.

If you’re thinking about installing gas in your new build or your existing home, call us now for expert advice. We are available for consultations from Pukerua Bay to Levin.

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Many thanks for your expertise and coordinating a team of brilliant professionals in such a small time frame. Please thank everyone who worked on the renovations here. I am so amazed at what you all achieved so efficiently and I have already spread the word of Andy Magee Plumbing and it’s capacity to not just centre on plumbing.
A big thank you to your team for doing such a fine job with the plumbing chores. They had to get up onto the roof several times and it was warm. I never heard a bad word from them, they were respectful of my house, discussed what they were doing, and were polite. Things I find missing in many service men that arrive at your property. It was a pleasure to have them on the section.
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